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Info Deal : Greenoffice

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Aca Nexia's teams supported Amundi Private Equity Funds in its acquisition of a stake in GreenOffice, a designer of innovative sorting solutions.

Founded in 2004, Greenoffice is revolutionizing selective sorting by designing innovative solutions with attractive design, extreme ease of use and, recently, the integration of connectivity. For its first capital opening since its creation in 2004, Greenoffice, which generates a turnover of € 11 million, turns to Amundi Private Equity Funds (lead) and Entrepreneur Venture, to support its international presence. To this end, it should proceed by external growth and would already be in advanced discussions with two targets, one achieving $ 10 million in revenue and the other about $ 4 million. This capital increase must also allow Greenoffice to incorporate a technological brick at its collection terminals by making them “smart”.


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