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Géraldine CLAUX

Géraldine CLAUX specializes in assisting foreign companies in France. She provides them with advice to outline the most appropriate business structure and helps them to understand French accounting and tax philosophy and the specifics of employment law.

With her bilingual English-speaking team, she ensures accounting in line with French standards, sends monthly reports in the format required by the parent company, draws up pay slips and checks compliance with French legislation. The team travels abroad to work on the parent company’s accounting systems and adapts statements to French standards to draw up the year end financial statements and corporate tax returns.

Chartered accountant, Geraldine joined Aca Nexia in 2014, with experience of nearly 15 years, both in financial departments and accounting firms. She became a partner in 2016.

Aca Nexia
31 rue Henri Rochefort
Work +33.1 47 66 77 88