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Previously Senior Manager at Primexis, she was in charge of the Real Estate Department composed of about thirty employees.
A qualified chartered accountant and auditor, Céline Maurel joined Aca Nexia in 2022 with over 15 years of experience in assisting French and international companies.

Céline Maurel is a partner in charge of the International Business Services activity. She advises foreign companies in France to define the most relevant structure, and assists them to understand the French accounting and tax philosophy as well as the specificities of social legislation.
With her team, she handles the accounting under French standards, prepares monthly reports in the format required by the parent company (IFRS & US GAAP), draws up the pay slips and ensures compliance with French legislation.

Aca Nexia
31 rue Henri Rochefort
Work +33.1 47 66 77 88