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Give the best

At Aca Nexia, we strongly believe that there is shared success, and that our customers and employees are at the heart of our concerns.

Driven by values ​​of commitment and efficiency, we support the demand of a constant quest of finding the best talent.

Our ambition is to see you progress in contact with professionals who are willing to pass on their knowledge. This brings us beyond the challenges we face today.

Our values


We are always ready to seek the best solutions for our customers. This cannot be possible without audacity or agility. These skills allow us to evolve in very different sectors and contexts, and to offer customized solutions.

Team spirit

We are a team of experts in very different areas, but our common determination unites us beyond our businesses. Every day, we go beyond our individualities, allowing us to relay our thoughts, share our experiences, and combine our talents in order to raise our level of expertise.


At Aca Nexia we focus on building lasting relationships with both our customers as well as our employees; not hesitating to give more responsibilities to our employees.


Our organization allows us to monitor our employees, to support them in their learning and their development. Every day and at every stage of their career, we are by their side to help them progress. At Aca Nexia we know our audience, and they still know us better.

The profiles of our employees

Each year, new employees join our teams. Many of them make us their first steps into the world of auditing and consulting, or give new impetus to their careers. We offer them the opportunity to benefit from exchanges with Nexia network.

Performance evaluation of our employees is done by closely observing their relationships with their peers, their technical skills and the way they support their customers. Our career paths are conditioned by their progress and their involvement in their various missions.

Our businesses are organized around different functions

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