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A new partner for Aca Nexia

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Gwénolé Le Berre is appointed partner of Aca Nexia as of September 1st 2019.

A certified public accountant in 2006, Gwénolé Le Berre spent nearly 12 years in an audit firm as SME and ETI auditors and also developed consolidation outsourcing assignments. He was then responsible for the consolidation of the RATP for almost 5 years. He joined Aca Nexia in March 2017, as a senior manager in charge of the Consolidation team, Gwénolé was particularly successful in this role, demonstrating both his technical mastery, his sense of the Client relationship and his management skills.
As a partner, he will be more particularly in charge, alongside Philippe Mendes and Olivier Lelong, of the team “Revision and Consolidation”, today strong of 12 people, with a goal of quality and development.
The Executive Committee and Associates welcome this promotion, which strengthens the Aca Nexia’s ability to meet the challenges of growth and transformation in our markets.

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