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La Parisienne

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Congratulations to the Aca Nexia team who participated at the Parisienne on September 9th.

The race, it is better to share it rather than staying on your own !
The sporting event of the season, is the Parisienne, a 100% feminine race of 7km in Paris to share with colleagues, which took place on September 9th.
Congratulations to Oriane Berthonnaud, Laura Charron, Amanda Cho-Ling-Wing, Caroline Clément, Grace Fotse, Nesrine Kaffet, Claudie Velna et Clara Yang-Tingt for having worn Aca Nexia’s colors by sharing a moment of conviviality, illustrating the values ​​of team spirit to which we are attached.La Parisienne, a growing event from year to year with no less than 24,000 participants this year.
Funds from this event will be donated to the Medical Research Foundation (FRM) for breast cancer research.

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