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Round table: CSR efforts, a distinguishing factor for SMEs and Mid-caps.

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Aca Nexia has hosted the second edition of its round table talks about Corporate Social Responsibility. CSR has become an essential prerequisite to any SME and Mid-cap in order to meet their clients, staff and partners expectations. However, to what extent can corporations go beyond talks and provide relevant actions? How can one firm involve its teams and assess the impact of the implemented CSR initiatives ?


- What does CSR specifically entail?
- What are the expectations from the SMEs and Mid-caps stakeholders?
- How can CSR performances be assessed?
- What are the main skills required to achieve a successful CSR?
- What is the future of CSR? (regulation, innovative tools)


Etna France and Teranga Software communicate along with Aca Nexia.
- Déborah Drean, Communication Manager, Teranga Software
- Jean-Baptiste Scherer, CFO, Teranga Software,
- Vincent Bronze, CEO, Teranga Software,


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