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The parisian teams at the same address.

News : the cabinet life


Aca Nexia groups together its Parisian teams. The office located 31, rue Henri Rochefort Paris 17 has nearly 200 persons.

At the end of this consolidation Aca Nexia is present at 3 addresses, in Paris, Argenteuil (95) and Montesson (78). In 2018 Aca Nexia will reach a revenu of € 30 millions. Aca Nexia gathers 250 professionals and serves nearly 1 600 customers in audit, accounting, transaction services, financial consulting and social management. Aca Nexia, a player in auditing and advising, provides relevant solutions and support to its clients in the financial and accoutning areas.

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Aca Nexia
31 rue Henri Rochefort
Work +33.1 47 66 77 88