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Info Deal : Securinfor

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The teams of Aca Nexia have realized the Financial Due Diligence of Securinfor, specialist in the outsourcing of the workstation, on the occasion of being taken over by its general manager, supported by Axio Capital, Capitem Partenaires and Swen Capital Partners.

Securinfor is one of the French specialists in outsourcing. IT outsourcing allows a company to entrust all or part of the management of its information system to an external service provider.
Until then managed in a family way, the company, which generated 18 million euros in turnover in 2015, is taken over by its Managing Director, Michel Meunier, supported by 3 funds: Axio Capital, Capitem Partenaires and Swen Capital Partners, which acquire 90% of the capital.
This will enable Securinfor to continue to grow, notably through acquisitions.


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