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Aca Nexia has carried out the financial due diligence of Chocmod in the context of a primary LBO led by Céréa. The truffle and chocolate products company, founded in 1948 and with a turnover of €30m in the last financial year, is being taken over by the former CEO of Daco Bello.


Chocmod, a family business founded more than 70 years ago in Roncq near Lille, was born of a passion for chocolate that drove the Destombes brothers at the time. Very open to the world around it, the company, which now has some 120 employees, has been exporting its know-how internationally since the late 1980s. Today it is present on the European, Asian, EMEA and American markets, where it generates more than 75% of its €30M in revenue with marketing subsidiaries in Shanghai, Hong Kong and New York. Chocmod offers a rich catalogue of nearly 2000 gourmet references, intended for a clientele of supermarkets, but also co-manufacturers, wholesalers-importers and online sales sites.

Through this operation, Chodmod aims to develop its activity in Asia, to expand its range of consumable products outside the festive period in order to reach a turnover of €50m.


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