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Info deal : Eco BTP Environnement

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Aca Nexia has conducted the financial due diligence of Eco BTP Environnement on behalf of Atlantic Entrepreneur Fund, in the context of a major investment from the latter. Eco BTP Environnement, which specialises in collecting and transporting materials from construction sites to sorting and recycling centres, employs 20 peoples and has a turnover of nearly €10m. Based in Ile-de-France since 2011, the firm headed by Christophe Fernandez has, for the first time since its establishment, ceased the majority of its capital to Atlantic Entrepreneur Fund.


Eco BTP Environnement is acknowledged as a key actor in debris collection in Ile-de-France, with a major advantage of owning landfills just 20km outside of the Paris. The growth of the Francilian firm, supported by its materials diversification treating strategy, and now counting AEF as a stakeholder, is forecasting to double its activity over the next 5 years, and therefore upscale its turnover to €20m.


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