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Aca Nexia assisted Henry Hassid, shareholder of H2 Pharma, in the acquisition of a minority stake in Ardian, one of the world's leading private investors, by carrying out the Vendor Due Diligence (VDD) for this French specialist in the design and production of generic medicines.

H2 Pharma is a key player in the production of non-sterile liquid pharmaceuticals with and without prescription, which gives it a position as a privileged partner of pharmaceutical companies.

The company stands out thanks to its total control of the value chain: from the supply of active ingredients to the production of finished products, including an advanced R&D phase with, in particular, the production and filing of MA (marketing authorization).

Thanks to cutting-edge technological equipment and the automation of its production processes, H2 Pharma intends to continue to exploit growth opportunities in its market and strengthen its strategic positioning.

Thanks to this transaction, the management team will be able to diversify its offer by expanding the scope of its competencies to other growth sectors such as regulatory affairs and analytical control.


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