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Info deal : Linxo Group

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Aca Nexia carried out the financial due diligence on the occasion of the majority takeover of Linxo Group by the Crédit Agricole group

“Created in 2010, Linxo Group is the French market leader in the aggregation of bank data and the initiation of payments. The Fintech offers API (Application Program Interface) bricks up to complete white label mobile application solutions, covering the needs of start-ups up to banks and insurance companies.
A long-standing partner of Crédit Agricole, Linxo Group offers Group banks an account aggregation solution through their banking applications. With its backing to Crédit Agricole, Linxo Group benefits from the power of one of the very first European banking groups, leader in France, which allows it to continue and to amplify its development with institutional customers.
This acquisition allows Crédit Agricole to consolidate its leadership in the field of digital payments. It is part of the Crédit Agricole Group Project which aims to make payments, a major lever for loyalty and conquest.
At the end of this operation, the Crédit Agricole group will hold more than 85% of the capital of fintech. This participation will be carried by Crédit Agricole Payment Services and by FIRECA (Crédit Agricole Investment and Research Fund), historic partner of Linxo Group. The balance of the capital remains held by the directors and founders, who will be associated with the development of the company. “


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