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Spareka announced at the end of March 2020 a fund raising of 5 million euros from Paris Fonds Vert managed by DEMETER with the aim of accelerating the company's growth and promoting the right to repair and fight against programmed obsolescence in France and around the world. Aca Nexia performed the financial due diligence for Demeter.

“Spareka, founded in 2012 by Geoffroy Malaterre, was created to enable French people to repair themselves their household appliances. Labeled Great Place to Work in 2016, the team gradually grew from three to twenty committed employees and moved to its Parisian premises. An early campaigner against programmed obsolescence, the company grew quickly and proved that ““Repairing is easy”“. The challenge is huge for Spareka. Out of 691 million household appliances
In France, there are about16,000 breakdowns per day. Result: 1.4 million tons of electrical and electronic waste are thrown away per year. in France, of which more than 66%4 of the appliances found in waste disposal sites can be easily repaired and reused. The main obstacle to repair is its cost, around €120 for a repair by a professional, which discourages many consumers. In response to this problem, Spareka is putting technology at the service of the public by offering educational tools such as tutorials, fault diagnostics and video repair assistance on its website and its application, with the aim of providing
French people with free training in repair and enabling self-repair. Growing quickly, Spareka saves hundreds of appliances a day with a focus on waste reduction, economic impact for families and consumer pride in selfrepairing. In 2018, Spareka became market leader with a turnover of 10 million euros. The ecommerce site now has more than 30,000 unique visitors per day and more than one million customers. Committed to repairability and circular economy, SPAREKA is developing a very strong pedagogical axis. With 8 million references of spare parts, the company offers many free digital tools to learn how to repair yourself: more than 700 tutorial videos, troubleshooting, a community forum. “


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