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Aca Nexia performed financial due diligence for Experienced Capital on the occasion of its investment in dynamo, the indoor cycling brand, alongside Eutopia, which reinvested in this transaction

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“Founded in 2015 and led by Nicolas Chabrier and Jonathan Garret, dynamo is a lifestyle boutique fitness brand shaking up the codes of the fitness market and redesigning effort with intense 45-minute indoor cycling sessions. Through a liberating experience for the mind and body, the brand has managed to build in just a few years a strong community, eager to share moments of escape in the rhythm of music.
Dynamo fits in a rapidly changing fitness market in search for affinity and experiential activities in dedicated locations, and the emergence of new a consumer behaviour preferring non-commitment models (pay-per-use model vs. subscriptions in traditional gyms). This market dynamic is already very advanced in the United States, where the boutique fitness sector is growing strongly, while it is still nascent and atomized in Europe.
The founders successfully managed to create a unique concept and a lifestyle brand relying on a strong community of customers and coaches, an immersive approach to indoor cycling that connects the mind and the body through a premium experience. With an expected revenue of €10m in 2020, the company currently operates 5 studios in Paris, and aims to become a leader in the French and European market.
Experienced Capital’s investment will help accelerate dynamo’s development in France and Europe, especially through external growth, with the aim to build a multi-brand boutique fitness group covering multiple activities such as yoga, boxing, or bootcamp. The investment fund Eutopia, shareholder of dynamo since 2016, renews its confidence in the business model and the management team by also reinvesting alongside ECP.”


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