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Smid Cap the ingredients of growth

News : transaction services

Roundtable of "Magazine des Affaires" published in October 2019 attended by Frabrice Huglin Associate Aca Nexia

Despite a lackluster start to the year, the market of the smid cap keeps the head high in France. Marked by the digital transformation and acculturation of business leaders in the private equity ecosystem, the sector is becoming professional quickly. A situation that accentuates the need to find the best talents and managers. The round table takes stock of this problem with 8 professionals in the sector, including Fabrice Hugliin, Aca Nexia partner in Transactions Services. These professionals point out the following evolutions:
- More and more companies are getting more and more help with financial, legal and strategic advice, which is a real evolution.
- Advice surrounding an operation must be carefully selected to become more partners than service providers
- It is not uncommon to face leaders who do not know exactly what they want to do and need time to define their operations. You have to give them that time and help them.
- The legal diligence has a double objective, to measure the social impact and push to implement the recommendations of the audit. In, small cap, do not wait.
- The number of funds competing for an operation has increased significantly in recent years.
- Business leaders must transform their business to adopt more powerful digital models and continue to grow at the same time. The help of the funds is decisive in these moments.
- the rapid professionalization of the market forces private equity players to think outside the box, to go to the regions and to be more and more reactive to avoid valuations soaring.
- There are more and more CIOs and other internal skills to join the different circles of the management package because they play a very important role for the company
The roundtable then concludes with an exchange on the necessary qualities of the leader, visionary of his market, able to pass rapidly from one register to another and to make the ideas concrete.

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