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Jeanne-Marie, HR

What is the recruitment process at Aca Nexia?

Our recruitment process is quite fast and decentralized. It allows candidates to have a very operational vision of their future professional environment. During the 2 or 3 interviews, they meet directly with their future managers. Through our discussions about your expectations and your skills, we seek to identify animated personalities with a motivation that we like to share.

What are the qualities you prefer in the candidates?

Adaptability, Analysis, Autonomy… In the “A”, many qualities are already to evolve on our missions and develop your skills. We face multiple environments, customers, methods, activities… our business is richer than it seems! Growing together is a challenge that implies a lot of sharing, knowing, being, listening, and communicating. Team spirit is an expression at the foundation of our management.

What do you think are the attractiveness factors of Nexia Aca?

I see two points that stand out. The first one comes from our job interviews: our generalist environment. The Aca employees appreciate the diversity of their field of action which is not sectored. They intervene in companies of all sizes and with varied occupations.

The second trait comes with our HR follow-up interviews and a recent seminar: the working atmosphere, behind the words are real feelings, understanding, mutual aid, conviviality, exchange, and availability…

What are the possible developments?

Our employees are empowered quickly. We help them to become actors of their career path. We recruit diverse profiles always with the concern to make them grow. Combining our business learning and preparation of accounting qualifications is very much a first step. Then we accompany them throughout out the different stages: from junior to manager, to partner…

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