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Marion, manager

You joined the team Aca Nexia, about 4 years ago. How did that happen?

I joined the Aca Nexia team in December 2011, when the firm had just moved to rue Henri Rochefort. If I chose it, it was because it belonged to ATH. I was sure to find both the structure and the professional approach I wanted.

That year, there was a lot of recruitment, which created a nice atmosphere-studious and concentrated. We all wish to do well.

Today, four years later, I am a manager.

What are your memories of your first contact with the firm?

During the interview, I remember seeing a partner out of his office, grumbling that he had had enough of “those people who cannot be self-employed.” I hoped not to have to work with him! But on my first day, I was assigned to the team and I quickly realized that the partner’s honesty was an asset that allowed us to move forward.

I have another memory, which pretty much sums up the spirit of cabinet (???). A weekend after an afternoon playing golf, I met a partner who had finished his game. He took the opportunity to introduce me to his wife and tell me that one day we would make a journey together. That’s the mentality Aca Nexia-partners who know their employees and who love to share moments of conviviality.

What do you value most in the firm ACA Nexia?

Its human scale. I think it helps create a mindset, an opening, and a friendliness that are breaking down barriers. It is important to come to work with a smile and find colleagues with whom one gets along well!

It’s not an attitude, it’s a mindset.

Partners are present and accessible when you need to have a discussion with them, with a real solidarity within the team and it shows. Whatever the circumstances, we react all together.

This is a reassuring and motivating feeling.

Precisely, are you satisfied with the working life within the “family” ACA Nexia?

You know, I’m young and I arrived as a fresh graduate and I’m a manager today. It is a progression that could be done quickly, but the firm gives us a chance to show our ambition and this pushes us to go further, to do better.

How does this translate?

Well, for example, I am currently preparing for the chartered accountant degree. For this, I am supported by a partner who is also my tutor.

I know that I can share with the entire firm if I need advice on my essay.

These are the values ​​of respect, humility and mutual support I was looking for and I am happy to have found.

How do you see the rest of your career Aca Nexia?

Good, I hope! No, to be serious, I am ambitious and willing to help, and I would like to join the circle of associates in 2020.

Nexia Aca gave me the opportunity to build, build me…

And I want to be there tomorrow to take a turn in doing my part.

Aca Nexia
31 rue Henri Rochefort
Work +33.1 47 66 77 88