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O'Tacos continues its spectacular development

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Aca Nexia assists O'Tacos in structuring its internal financial organization, as part of its development in France and internationally.

O’Tacos is a French fast-food chain born in 2007 in the heart of the French capital, creating a version of tacos called ““French Tacos”“. The ““French Tacos”” offers the possibility to choose the ingredients that compose it, including French fries and homemade cheese sauce.
Open to Franchise since 2015, new commercial operators are continually contributing to the expansion and development of the brand. The brand already has more than 160 restaurants and more than 2000 employees in France. This exceptional development was hitherto carried by its founders, the brothers Silman and Samba Traoré, accompanied by Patrick Pelonero and Sauroutou Diara. The takeover by Kharis Capital, a Belgian investment fund specializing in fast food, is part of the brand’s development strategy.

Kharis Capital controls, among other things, QSR Belgium, which manages, via Burger Brands Belgium, the Quick and Burger King restaurants in Belgium. The investment fund is also responsible for the development of the Burger King Master-franchise in Italy and Poland, and is therefore a solid partner to support the internationalization of the O’Tacos brand.

Aca Nexia supports O’Tacos in the structuring of its internal financial organization, notably by setting up management and reporting tools. The group is targeting 220 restaurants by the end of the year and 500 futures restaurants.


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