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Aca Nexia completed the S&H's Finance VDD, which chose Ardian to revamp its capital and so support its development and growth.

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“S&H has chosen Ardian, one of the world leaders in private investment, to revamp its capital and support its development and growth, during a financing transaction worth € 14 million.
A consulting company specializing in the modernization of HR and Finance support functions, S&H has more than 250 employees and a turnover of more than € 30 million. S & H has supported more than a hundred key accounts and ETI customers through various offers. The company has strong recognized expertise in Oracle solutions, although working with several software vendors.
With the acquisition of a minority stake of Ardian in its capital, the company has the financial means that will enable it to accelerate its development through major investments and acquisitions.
S&H (Systems and People) is a Digital Services Company (ESN) specializing in digital transformation consulting for HR and Finance functions. The 250 consultants work with major accounts and ETI on strategic projects with an international dimension, around information systems: evolution strategy, choice support, integration, business intelligence, data management, support and change management. S&H is above all Talents dedicated to the success of projects and sharing strong values: diversity, commitment and solidarity. Great Place to Work for 5 consecutive years and ESN 2018 Trophy Talent Awards, S&H is sensitive to the development of its employees, their career development and their training on solutions for the future. S&H has been awarded the Oracle Partner Cloud HCM Cloud Awards 2019 and the Oracle PaaS 2018 Award for its innovative projects and has won the trust of partner editors (Oracle, Talentsoft, NetSuite, Anaplan, Axway, Kyriba …).
Ardian is one of the world’s leading private investors with $ 96 billion managed and / or advised in Europe, America and Asia. The company, mostly owned by its employees, has always placed the spirit of enterprise at the heart of its approach and offers its international investors top performances. The diversity of profiles, combining business knowledge and technical expertise has been providing real value to its clients for 29 years.Aca Nexia completed the S&H’s VDD Financial, which thing Ardian to reorganize its capital and support its development and growth, during a financing transaction totaling € 14 million.4 million.”


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